1431 Cafe

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Well I not been to 1431 Cafe in quite some time. I am not sure why as it is just up the toll way and easy to get to. They serve breakfast all day for thar that want it and everything else is just straight up American.

Scotty Stroop owns this joint and has a long history of running successful places. Years ago he told me and my Dad that he had to get 5 bucks out of everyone that comes in the door. Mind you that was in the 80’s at the Chuckwagon in Georgetown, but the point was to know your volume and costs and you can always make money.

There are numerous things on the menu that cost $8.09 and comes with two sides, so I guess with inflation you have to make $8.09.

I asked why my beef stroganoff was $8.95 with one side and only got shrugs.

Still the place ain’t bad, if you stick with what you could eat at Mel’s Diner.