Ross’ Old Austin Cafe

Ross' Old Austin Cafe on UrbanspoonRoss’ has been up on Lamar before it was in town. Close to the scary Mickey’ Thirsty Lounge where they apparently have ‘set-ups’.

Ross’ is good. Good in a down home, like grandma makes it kinda way. True to that thinking I actually got a pickled okra on my salad, which I have to say my Mimi always had but I have never in my life eaten. It was tasty, like a pickle. True to my grandmother Mimi’s meals, I even put on three pickled beets. Are there other kinds other than these beet red pickled ones?…Nevermind.

I had the Chicken Fried Steak which was good but the Chop Steak looked much better.

This place has been here a while and the family has been in Austin since almost Waterloo if you read their history. I can’t support or deny that, but I can say if your looking for some simple, good home cooking, this should be on your list.

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