Freddie’s Place

Freddie's Place on UrbanspoonI went for lunch. I have to say it is just not as good as it used to be. I cannot really put my finger on what it is, but the flavor is just not the same. When I used to go, I would tear into the burger and say WOW that is tasty, real fresh and yummy.

Now not so much. Last time I was there, I had the Frito Pie. Let me say this was complete shit. I expect chili to have meat in it, and all though they actually put meat in their chili, I actually counted the chunks of ground meat, since it was so sparse. Eight, yes 8 pieces. They also put beans in their chili, which is typical of yankee’s not Texans, so there was a major disconnect there anyway.

Also it came with jalapenos on it, which was not listed on the menu. So I sent it back. They re-made it, but in reality our waitress ate the first order. She said how much meat was in her’s after I said, there was not much at all. She must have been in a meat comma from the first order, as she didn’t seem to care.

Then comes the bill, not only was my food shitty due to the above, but they charged me $1 more for my meal than it was listed on the menu. Excuse me, 100 pennies more. On the way out, I ducked into the office area to tell her. She said, oh, wow, didn’t know that. Freddie was sitting right there and didn’t seem to care either. I don’t know if they ever fixed the price in the computer, but really could not care, as I won’t eat that again.

I guess Freddie is too busy making veggie fuel for the truck than trying to sort out these kinda things.

So it seems it is on the decline. Be warned.

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