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Wildfire on UrbanspoonI really can’t count how many times I have been to wildfire. If I were to harbor a guess, it would be in the 1000’s. You might think this is crazy, but almost every day for 4 years…it just adds up. I once set the record for most consecutive days which was 45. Mind you that was Sunday’s also. Anyone else that goes there for the most part never shows up on Sunday as they have families, jobs and other meaningless things to do.

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Monument Cafe

Monument Cafe on Urbanspoon Monument Cafe
Austin, Texas

“Just plane ordinary.”
Doesn’t like it

Many like Monument Cafe, but every time I go there I just expect more. The idea is great but the follow through is not so good.
They are building a new location, and that possibly brings hope of a new flux of recipes and maybe shake off the stale.

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Wildfire on Urbanspoon Wildfire
Georgetown, Texas

“Great bar!”
Doesn’t like it

I have been eating at the bar here for years. All in all the food has gone up and down, but it remains a good place that is not corporate, and serves good steaks.
The bar is the best part of the restaurant, since it is just inviting.
Good non-corporate restaurant!

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