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Carlos ‘n Charlie’s

Carlos 'n Charlie's on UrbanspoonYou can’t party your frog off at Lunch…well some of the folks that come here can. I have before, just not today.

Today sucked. Sucked hard. Tax day is tomorrow, which I am not ready for and I get a ticket on the access road. Really? When a Sargent gives you a ticket, you can bank on Austin Police Department to just be generating revenue.

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The Oasis

Oasis on UrbanspoonI went out to The Oasis last night with some friends. We didn’t eat at the bar because there is only one reason to go out there and that is to sit on the decks to look at the lake.

We got there late and the sun had already set, but we were hoping that we could catch the thunderstorm that was rolling in. We missed it due to it going around us.

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Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que

Uncle Billy's on UrbanspoonHit Billy’s for Happy Hour to watch the Lake. This is not real Que, but for a brewhouse it is good. The location is what makes this place. Upstairs is awesome when the weather is great!

The food is good but I can not classify it BBQ even though they do. It is more of a Memphis Style over real Texas, bit most won’t come here for food.

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Blu Parrot Lakeside Bar & Grill

Blu Parrot Lakeside Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon Blu Parrot Lakeside Bar & Grill
Lake Travis, Texas

Doesn’t like it

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Pier on Lake Travis

Pier on Lake Travis on Urbanspoon Pier on Lake Travis
Lake Travis, Texas

“Boats and Burgers! Yeah!”
Likes it

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Cafe Blue

Cafe Blue on Urbanspoon Cafe Blue
Lake Travis, Texas

“A Jerk Burger? Tasty!”
Likes it

There are lots of jerks in this world, but Cafe Blue’s Jerk Burger takes the cake.
I have yet to find another place that uses Jerk Seasoning on beef, but it hits the spot dead on! Excellent burger, worth the drive or boat trip.
Everything I have had from their menu is good.
The Crab Cakes, Wedge Salad and Jerk Burger are what I stop for.
Also Boat accessible with dock parking at Sandy Creek Marina.

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Carlos N’ Charlie’s

Carlos 'n Charlie's on Urbanspoon Carlos ‘N Charlie’s
Austin, Texas

“…on the decline.”
Really likes it

The food continues to be on the decline. It is hard to screw up Beef Fajitas, but when half of it is un-chewable, I wonder if they are just not doing any quality checks on the food.

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Oasis on Urbanspoon Oasis
Austin, Texas

“New Vegas Style Sunset”
Likes it

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CLOSED: Aunt Tilly’s Island Cafe and Bar

Aunt Tilly's Island Cafe and Bar on UrbanspoonAunt Tilly’s Island Cafe and Bar
Lake Travis, Texas

“Good Lake vibe, good live music”
Likes it

Well the flood hit Aunt Tilly’s hard. When they are kicking it, they Cubano sandwich is one of the best. There is live music most weekends in the summer.Good place to go, but not easy to boat to. The docking is limited and mostly private. There is room for around 4 boats, unless you disregard the “do not park” signs and tie up at the end of the piers.
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