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The League Kitchen and Tavern

The League Kitchen and Tavern on UrbanspoonWell it is nice to actually find a place that I can’t say anything bad about. As readers know, that does not happen often. So it is nice to know that there are still a few get the Blueberry Muffin French Toast *and* the Chicken and Biscuit with JalapeƱo Truffle Gravy. The Meatloaf is excellent as well. type of places still around.

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The Oasis

Oasis on UrbanspoonI went out to The Oasis last night with some friends. We didn’t eat at the bar because there is only one reason to go out there and that is to sit on the decks to look at the lake.

We got there late and the sun had already set, but we were hoping that we could catch the thunderstorm that was rolling in. We missed it due to it going around us.

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Los Pinos Mexican

Los Pinos Mexican on Urbanspoon Los Pinos Mexican
Lakeway, Texas

“Open 7 Days!”
Likes it

Finally went to this place tonight. I have heard mixed reviews, but lately only good. So I hit it.
Good, Good, Good! Beans were ‘clean’ and tasty, rice was good. The Chicken Tortilla Soup was awesome, as close to my own I have had.
It is a weird little joint, but they do serve breakfast every day, and on weekends until 2pm. Gonna have to hitch a ride up to it when I am on the lake all night! doh!

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Rocco’s Grill

Rocco's Grill on Urbanspoon Rocco’s Grill
Lakeway, Texas

“Good food, weird scene”
Likes it

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Kayman’s Deli

Kayman's Deli on Urbanspoon Kayman’s Deli
Lakeway, Texas

“Tiny Deli, Large Sandwiches!”
Likes it

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Cafe Castronova

Cafe Castronova on Urbanspoon Cafe Castronova
Austin, Texas

“Excellent for Breakfast!”
Likes it

Stopped into Cafe Castronova for Breakfast. The name will fool you, since it is more of a Bistro than Cafe.
The breakfast was awesome and under 10 bucks, but I would assume that the dinner is high-end and great. It was standard American breakfast with the fusion of their upscale style of food. The Home Fries were AWESOME.
They do have a Cigar Room next door that is part of the establishment, and the vibe in there is old world Cuba Style.
Sometime I will try to go back for Dinner.

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