Abuelo’s Mexican Food Embassy

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Amarillo, Texas

“Still Busy….still so so. ”
Doesn’t like it

I know many like Abuelo’s, but it is just a so-so joint. Sorry all, but it works, but is far from the best you can get. Now mind you I am from Austin and have 100’s of choices in Tex-Mex, but this is really corporate for a operation that has only 3 locations.They can accommodate large groups, which is good, but do not take reservations (mistake!) You can call ahead and put your name on the waiting list so you can jump ahead of some people.The hostess stand, even though cordial to our party this time, still has issues and is where the real problems are in the restaurant. Management needs to address those issues, as they put far too many responsibilities in the hands of girls that are 16-18yrs old, and they really do not understand how to interact with guest and give good information on how long wait times are. The problem might be with management as well, as when I was leaving, a wait staff notified a manager that a table needed to talk to them, at which point he said “I already talked to them and they ‘just need another table’ and I will get to it when I can”. This was a table that had over 20 people at it, which would be auto-grat for 20% but management did not seem to care.So be warned.