Bacon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I had high hopes but it is possible that they need a little more time to fry out the wrinkles.  The bacon had food flavor, but was not trimmed well and there was a single stingy side that you could not chew. The bacon waffle, pictured below, was good, but same problem with the bacon. The Mason Jar coffee cake, just had bacon bits on top, and was drier than a martini. The thing almost turned to dust when I dug it out of the jar. We even asked the waitress about it, and she had no clue what the dish was, much less how it was suppose to be prepared.

There was a man , we assumed the owner, less than 3 feet away from us was busy talking to what appeared to all of his friends that came in. So he did not even hear our questions either.

Apparently the standard setup is only two flavors of bacon. They had  maple smoked and serrano pepper. Only one thickness, thick. They should at least mix that up with some thin.

The Broken Yoke BLT was marginal (photo on the right) Texas Toast was just buttered and grilled on the flat top. They could have put a little bacon grease on it, at any rate, but no.

The Biscuits and Bacon Gravy were cold. The gravy was warm, but went cold fast. While it was warm the favor was good, but the biscuits could use some Bacon Lard as well.

For a place that has such a namesake, in a world where things like Epic Meal Time make real inroads in taking Bacon to the next level, smart. This seems half fried.

I will give it some time, and re-visit, but unless they take a holistic look at the passion that is Bacon, it will shrivel up and go rancid.