CLOSED: Blu Parrot Lakeside Bar & Grill

Blu Parrot Lakeside Bar & Grill
Lake Travis, Texas

Doesn’t like it

Where do I start. Since there were some storms I didn’t boat over but instead drove. So let me give you a walk through…
You have to park around 2 blocks away from the restaurant, and if the water park next door is in operation (holidays and weekends) it cost $5.00 to park.
The entrance is marked as well as Al Capone’s Tomb, so let me give you a hint: VIP Marina walkway. And this is by no means easy to traverse. I have no idea how they get away with this since there is no way a wheelchair could get down the slope driveway without careening out of control.
More bad directions and signs, left down into more abyss,  or toward a parking area (we should have parked there). As we pass the two porta-potties, we see it.
There she stands, a concrete hut with a bar and a kitchen that is 10ft by 30ft. Doors open you can see in. The whole place is painted blue. How cliche.
I sit down at the bar, there is a sorted crowd. Some old lady that hits on every guy that comes in, and a little touchy. Mostly other boat folks, and what had to be Marina people due to being over dressed.
The menu is skinny, real skinny. Don’t be fooled by their slogan “A delicate balance between fine dining and dancing in the sand”. Unless you think “fine dining” is a kitchen that could hardly pass health codes, and “sand” is concrete…Back to the menu. Burgers, three Entrees, some kids food. The Kid’s Corndogs are $7.00, YES, SEVEN DOLLARS. Burgers are $9.50.
You can verify if you find the website, because even google can’t find it. The only way I found it was being told from an ex-bartender.
So how was the food. Well, third world countries make this place look clean. Seriously rat on a stick in Tijuana would be cleaner.
As we were eating we watched what looked to be the manager touch chicken breasts with his hands while cutting, plop them on a plate for the customer, then take a small cut piece from the cutting board and pop it in his mouth. Eating it while delivering it to the bartender. Then turned around without washing his hands to touch a bun, lettuce, and another chicken breast to make a sandwich.
Then cut the sandwich and split it with the bartender.
Also right out of the gate, I knew there would be problems…since there was no sink where patrons could wash their hands. The porta-potties had hand sanitizer in them, but how is this up to health code?
Anyway, stay away from this place unless you just came to drink. It is horrible.