Blue Star Cafeteria

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Austin, Texas

“Good, but no cafeteria”
Doesn’t like it

The place has good food, but how about some truth in advertising?

caf·e·te·ri·a [kaf-i-teer-ee-uh] -noun
1. a restaurant in which patrons wait on themselves, carrying their food to tables from counters where it is displayed and served.
2. a lunchroom or dining hall, as in a factory, office, or school, where food is served from counters or dispensed from vending machines or where food brought from home may be eaten.

This place is neither. Fred’s Donut Shop, and they sell sushi…yeah it just don’t work.

The place is upscale but cold. The kitchen does have the open window, where you can see the food come out, but that s more Diner than Cafeteria.To each their own, but at least you know what a real cafeteria is.