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…its been a while

Well all, I know it has been a while since I have done some updates. Life gets in the way of stuff sometimes. I mean not in the way of eating, but just in the way of putting pen to paper or fingers to keys as it were.

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We added a plug-in for the iPad so you can view the site in a ‘Flip board’ style. We think that this is very nice for the iPad. Mind you the iPhone site layout is different, but it is formatted for a smaller screen and works well. We will continue to use the WPTouch plug-in for iPhone and all mobile browsers.

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Austin Restaurant Week – Spring 2011

I just wanted to let everyone know that Austin Restaurant Week is an excellent opportunity to get out and enjoy some great food. Basically it is a fixed price for 3 course meals and many of the best places in town.

Check out their website at

They do Lunch and Dinner so there are no excuses for not taking advantage!

Urban Spoon Rating

Bacon for everyoneSo since I have converted my reviews from to my own site, and now they are logging me as a Blogger…I have been climbing the ranks of Urbanspoon’s Bloggers fast!

Monday: Rank #64
Tuesday: Rank #60
Wednesday: Rank #35
…..where will it be by tomorrow?
I will say probably #2 in Austin, Top 25 in the World.

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Site Updates

As you might have seen we have made numerous changes to the site. Much is just implementing WordPress for the primary code set of the site. With this it allows ease of posting via mobile devices.

Also there is a simple plug in that implements a mobile enabled site on the fly. WPTouch is just simply drop in and turn on.

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