Charlie’s Steak House

Charlie's Steak House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato It has been almost a year since I have been to Charlie’s Steak House. First off, you can still smoke while eating in this joint. I know that sounds strange to some of you, but there are people that still do that. So deal with it….or not. They have smoking in the bar area, but you can’t smoke in the dining room proper. I just wanted to say proper.

They still have their daily lunch and diner specials. Wednesday is Roast Beef and Brown Gravy; Thursday is Enchiladas. The truck stop kind, not the type you get in a Mexican Food joint.

The food is still good. I really wish it was closer to my travels, such is life. I washed my hands in the men’s john and noticed a strange framed picture. It is a wagon family from the old west. Everyone is off the wagon, pissing. I mean really pissing. It is drawn that way. The horses, dog, driver, man, woman, grandma. Strange – real strange.

No matter, check this place out, the food is like your mother would make. Well ok, maybe not your mother, but say someone’s mother that was raised in the 50’s and knew how to cook.

If your lucky enough to have Charlie actually check you out, he always says “See you tomorrow.”

…See you tomorrow.