Dahlia Cafe – Liberty Hill, Tx


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We headed up for lunch on a Saturday. We have been her before just for pie, and came back to eat the food. I had the Meat Loaf, since there are few places that don’t taint a good meat loaf with bell peppers. Their meatloaf was simple and done right. Meat, celery, onion, and a tomato sauce on top. She had the Pork Chops and they were moist and tasted awesome. I’d recommend either of these dishes.

The sides could use some work. They were just marginal. Green beans were fresh, but too crunchy, and the spinach was bland and most of the spices were folded up into the leaves and provided no real flavor.

We moved on to the pie. Be warned, some of the pies are not cold. Most would expect a chess pie to be cold, I mean usually a chess pie is called an “ice box pie”. Well whatever. I had the Buttermilk, since I have to if they serve that. It is hard to beat *my* Buttermilk. Theirs was good, but a little too heavy on what seemed to be citrus.

Meow had the OMG Pie, which is a coconut custard with chocolate gouache. It was excellent also. Make sure you have some pie. Pie makes everything better.