Eddie V’s

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Fort Worth, Texas

“Be warned DFW Steakhouses, Eddie V’s has arrived. ”
Likes it

Well, I am not new to Eddie V’s as I have eaten at the Austin (downtown) location close to 200 times in the last year.That being said, I found myself in Fort Worth the week Eddie V’s opened it’s newest location. I went on Saturday after Monday and Tuesday delivered an Ice Storm to DFW and everything was shutdown. I heard Friday Night was PACKED, and I have to say Saturday was the same.The wait was close to 2hrs, as to be expected with a brand new restaurant in the area. The bar was slammed, and we waited 30 min just to sit at the bar (to eat).I met numerous Fort Worth folks who were VERY nice. Coming from Austin, it is not often you see old money, but this place oozed it. Rolies and cowboy boots abound.How was the food? It was EDDIE V’s. Excellent. Their menu features a few different items than the other V’s including a Banana’s Foster that was “better than sex”.Personally I would give them 2-3 more weeks before visiting, so as to allow the staff and bartenders to mesh and get into the groove, as that is essential.All that being said, V’s is at the top of their game, featuring Allen Brothers Steaks highest end of meats. The Fillet is all I ever eat, and it’s flavor is bold and pronounced throughout the entire cut. They cook their steaks in an 1800 deg oven which is higher than any other in the State of Texas.Get there when the newness wears down and stop by the Bar. Tell Andy “that guy from Austin” sent you.I promise you will not be displeased.