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Austin, Texas

“Big Po-Boy’s”
Likes it

I ate here for lunch and had Red Beans and Rice for an appetizer, then Po-Boy lunch special.
The Red Beans and Rice were good, but not as spicy as I would expect. I got the cup, which was served in a coffee cup, and even with me trying to mix it up (not easy with a big spoon in a small cup) the bottom still had just rice and no sauce or beans.  Some of the rice was still hard and un-cooked.
The Gumbo was good, but lacking any real kick. It also tasted ‘burnt’ as if the bottom of the pot burned and they stirred it up into the Gumbo. It had more of a burnt taste than anything.
I would go back to try again and would be hopeful that it would be better, but I feel that most all of their dishes are not a spicy as  most would expect their Cajun to be.