Hoover’s Cooking

Hoover's Cooking Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato This place is much like The Salt Lick, just when you think it can’t get worse, you are amazed that it does. I should have known this when I checked in on Facebook and a friend said “Prepare to be disappointed”. Boy was he right.

So it is still home cooking, if your mother forgot how to cook, or wait, when your granny gets senile and attempts to make what you remember was good. Kind of like that, but worse.

To start, there was some guy at the hostess stand bending the ear of the manager, or maybe it was Hoover. It looked like him, but he was skinnier, so maybe he is just not eating his food anymore. Which speaks volumes. So after a few minutes, the manager yelled at someone else to seat the two parties waiting. As we walked to our table, I heard the manager say “I am sorry, usually he (the waiter) is much more responsive”.

Special of the day was Chicken n’ Dumplins. Our waitress said it was ‘popular’ so I got it with a side of Mustard Greens. Greens good, Chicken yuck. The Chicken was smoked, and likely yesterdays smoked chicken. One piece was so dry that it could have been last week’s. The smoke flavor really overpowered what could have been a good, warm, down home dish. It was hard to eat, so I mostly finished the Greens. The Greens were still good, large chunks of ham balanced it and made the bowl just perfect. There was a little too much vinegar in the Greens but since it was cooked down nicely it was more sweet than tart.

Now on to the Buttermilk Pie. Another letdown. The bowl was hot and the pie cold. Mind you I sometimes like my buttermilk pie cold, as it lets the sugar settle and gets thick and tasty. This was not that. I am still not sure why they put it in a bowl and not on a plate.

Maybe the place is a little long in the tooth, maybe no one cares anymore, or maybe it is “The Salt Lick Principal”; when a restaurant continues to get traffic because people remember how good it used to be…or was it never really that good and really the only option, which made it better comparatively?

My recommendation? I’d skip it an find some place else.