Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Dallas

Hopdoddy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Hopdoddy. Yeah, it started in Austin. I was there the first week…when there was no line. So lets hit one Uptown since I am in Dallas for a few days.

As usual I sit at the bar. I never expect greatness from anyone, unless you present yourself as someone that actually knows what the fuck you are doing. In this case, I ask the bartender what Straight Bourbon Whiskey they have. He introduces me to a Scotch, to which I say, well this is Scotch, not Bourbon. So he introduces me to a Whiskey, to which I say, well this is closer. It is actually a Whiskey, but since it clearly says Spirit Whiskey on the bottle, it is not a Bourbon.

“What’s the difference?” He asks.
Wait, did you, the mother fucking bartender at some jive ass hipster burger joint ask me what the difference in Whiskey and Bourbon is….all be it after presenting me with a Scotch.

So I explain to him that Bourbon is American. Bourbon requires the spirit to be aged in Charred White Oak Barrels, and to be a Straight Bourbon Whiskey, it needs to be aged at least 24months by Federal Law.

He says “Oh, I am sure I will remember that.”

Total failure. So I order the PrimeTime and move on with life.

My point is if you want to be a fucking hipster joint, and sling juice, at least know a modicum of what your fucking discipline is, you give every other Bartender, even slow shitty ones a bad fucking name.