House Park Bar-B-Que

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House Park Bar-B-Que
Austin, Texas

“Now ya need teeth.”
Doesn’t like it

I was there at lunch and it is not the same. I do not know if it has changed hands, but the Brisket was somewhat tender, but lacked any real flavor.The Chopped BBQ on bun was still good, but unless you are only going to eat that alone, I would say skip House Park.On a side note, there were two guys behind the counter. One I seemed to recognized from before – he was cutting meat. The other one at the cash register looked new. He suggested that I try a mixed meat sandwich, Chopped Beef and Pork Loin, or some such crap. Here is a tip, if you BBQ is so bad you want to mix two types on a sandwich, give up the ghost and sell the location. I am sure it is worth more for the Real Estate than you could ever make selling shitty BBQ. And FYI, it is now CASH ONLY.