Is it time to continue with the food blog?

Well, I converted the blog, updated all the links to since Urbanspoon is dead and will start to blog again on my food adventures.

Expect a few updates and changes to the theme in the next few days, then I will start up again.

Looking at doing a cross post for Yelp, since Zomato honestly is not what Urbanspoon was, and since it seems the company is mostly housed in India, it seems that it might not drive traffic like it used to being a US owned company.

I hope Ethan and Patrick over at Urbanspoon got some fat checks for their baby, since it was nice and worked well. Zomato on the other hand is still klunky, does not seem to provide any monetization for bloggers, and the simplest edits like “this restaurant is closed” is not even on the site.

Anyone can tell that the migration of the two sites was a total cluster, as all the reviews from the migration are dated March 30 2011, and then appended into the review “posted on Month, Day, Year”.
I’m actually amazed that the user logins actually transferred over.

No matter, this in conjunction with another blog I will be doing will be similar in layout and style, review based, and I will look to drive some monetization on my end how I can.

I mean we gotta pay for eating somehow right?

Stay tuned!