…its been a while

Well all, I know it has been a while since I have done some updates. Life gets in the way of stuff sometimes. I mean not in the way of eating, but just in the way of putting pen to paper or fingers to keys as it were.

So I am going to audit all of my credit card charges since September of last year and get some reviews going. I have no idea how close or far I am away from still being the #1 Urbanspoon.com blogger in Austin, and honestly it does not matter anymore. What matters more is being able deliver my little slice of optimism that the next tasty morsel might be something I have never had, or the best that I have had.

I only hope that it gives all of you the desire to go try something new and tasty. I have met quite a few eaters in the few months and have told them all to visit iEatAtTheBar.com, and this weekend, I told another kind couple and that was the catalyst to get me to put ups some more reviews.

I am not going to worry with the dates of my actual trip to the joint, and will review it if it is still open. It matters not if it was 7 months ago or 7 hours, most places in my experience are good for at least 7 months, as it takes usually 12-16 months if a gradual slide in quality or service is onset.

Also, since talking to folks this weekend, it seems that I am often recommending the best place for this, or that, Tex-Mex, Burgers, Steaks, lunch, breakfast…so I will work on my top eats for most all the types of food that I review. Not a top 10, but just a list to answer the question “I want the best burger in town, where do I go?”

So get ready for a flood, since I still eat out every meal, with the odd take out while on the couch. I might even figure out how to cross post my stuff on Yelp, even though I don’t consider Yelp the best resource, since I think that most of the bad reviews are just ex-employee’s that are pissed at the manager that fired them. More on that later, if I dig on the Yelp cross posting.

Oh, and don’t think this blog has been sold off for millions or some such shit, as that is not the case. Yeah, yeah, I have ad’s down there, but honestly on a yearly basis, they probably amount to buying 10 ice tea’s. On that note, I honestly had someone want to buy ad space back in October, but just forgot to get back with them. I mean I am not in this for free food or fame, well maybe just a little fame. I mean I am like most people that have oddities happen to them when eating…so it is probably easy to identify with me…if you’re crazy, or um, hungry.