Jim’s – Anderson Mill/Jollyville

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I ate at Jim’s this morning, and this is a weekend staple. There is usually not a long wait and the food is consistent.

Today I ventured out of the regular Rustlers Roundup as there was a table tent. No mind you I am not one to normally be moved by a frickin’ table tent, but today was different.

IMG_3309.JPGSo this South Texas Benedict struck my eye: Grilled biscuits topped with Texas-Sized Sausage Patties, eggs over medium and smothered with Jalapeno Skillet Gravy.
So I don’t do Jalapeno’s so I got the regular Sausage Gravy.

What I can say is Wow! The grilled biscuits push this thing to the moon. It is just that tasty. Mind you the cook could not do an over medium egg, but that seems to be the norm from Austin to Vegas.

The Country Potatoes were a nice change from the butter laden hash browns that normally come on every breakfast.

So all in all it was excellent and I hope that they put this on the menu for good. I am sure I can get them to make it, the only issue is the sausage patty is larger than the normal patty, but that really does not matter in the grand scheme of it all.

The only thing I can complain about is the person that laid out this table tent. Apparently biscuits does not warrant capital letters but Sausage Patties does. Probably because of Texas-Sized of course needed capitals, but Jalapeno Skillet Gravy and Country Potatoes…come on, did your shift key just get stuck?

No matter, go get this suckka before it is gone….or remember you can ask for it and they will probably know how to make it for a while, well until they lose the cooks they have now.