Keifer’s Cafe

Kiefer's Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I always wanted to go back to this place after trying it for the first time a while ago. The only problem is they are only open for Breakfast and Lunch and only weekdays. Must be nice.

Kiefer’s is in a strange place. The corner of a building in an office complex. Initech, the company in “Office Space“, might be in the same complex. The reality is the place went in when every building there was Dell, but that was like back in 1997 when that entire street, block, and section of town was mostly Dell. Close to all the Braker A, B, C, D, E….buildings. Probably the reason they went in there.

Back to food, you didn’t need a history lesson of a failing computer company in Austin Texas. They have a daily “blue plate” special which everyone seems to go for. Last time we got there around 1pm, and they were sold out. Today we got there just after Noon and they were still painting plates blue. Goulash was the dish. I had to ask what it was, since I have not had it in, say, 20 years? I don’t know but a long time.

The Goulash was good. Basically macaroni, ground beef, and a tomato sauce. Just like Mom made, with the help of Hamburger Helper. No serious it was good, a huge portion and very tasty. Just too bad they are only open during lunch.