Little Ceasars Pizza

Little Caesars Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato So I have been seeing the people on the side of the road touting $5.99 “hot and ready”. There is usually a chick holding the sign, so hot and ready makes me giggle…nevermind.

So their deal is they always have pepperoni or cheese pizza hot and ready, just roll in and grab it. If it sits there more than 15 minutes or so, they chunk it and make new one.

This is quite possibly the best innovation in the pizza world in years. I mean you will waste some, but the cost is so low that you could waste half of them and still make a profit.

So for those of you that plan no farther ahead then what you see out your windshield, this is perfect.

Mind you it ain’t the best pizza in the world but for less than $6.50 out the door it is good enough.