Los Pinos Mexican


Los Pinos Mexican Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Los Pinos is always good foe breakfast tacos. In fact I think they are some of the best you can get mainly because the flat top griddle is seasoned well. The breakfast tacos are mixed when cooked also, not just made then spooned into a tortilla, so the sausage is mixed with the eggs when cooking. The potatoes are added on the grill too so the flavor is integrates with the taco, not just spooned on.

The only other thing I eat besides breakfast are the Tacos Al Pastor. These are excellent all spiced up with pineapple.

The flour tortillas always stand out, as the taste like heaven. Once again I is just the good flavor the flat top gives them.

Be warned some of the wait staff border on retarded, on waitress continues to come to the table and ask ‘anything else’. Maybe it is lost in translation but you ask that at the end if the meal before the check not every time you visit our table. Maybe someone never told her or it is just the Engrish. No sure, but ever time she asks, I say ‘Just our Tacos’.

By the way, it is a Tabbedout location.