Maudie’s Cafe – North Austin

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Austin, Texas

“Cheese, Cheese, Thank GOD for the Cheese!”
Likes it

I have not been to Maudie’s in quite some time, so when a friend at work suggested it for lunch I jumped on the chance.
Well not exactly, it was more like, “Yawn, OK, I have not been there in … I can’t remember.”
The South Lamar location is small, maybe has 16 tables inside, so in the summer it is not the best place unless you happen to catch a table. We got there at 11:50 and there were no tables inside. Well there was one table that had a hippie scribbling what had to be her new screenplay, which I am sure will make it big.
We sat outside close to one of the two fans they have. (Note that there are like 10 heaters, but 2 fans) I ordered the Josie’s Enchiladas. Here is the menu line item for them:
Josie’s Enchiladas – $7.50
Attention cheese lovers! Two cheese enchiladas covered with our great chile con carne sauce, onions and then baked. Finished with our savory chili con queso.
HOLY GOD WAS THERE CHEESE!! I loved them! Wait let me re-state that – I LOVED THEM!!!!
They were better than sex, even good sex. There are two kinds of cheese, one inside the enchiladas, and then the Queso. It is almost a bitter/sweet symphony with the two kinds of cheeses. They bake the dish before the queso goes on, so it is just plane AWESOME.
Next time I will have them sub out beef enchiladas for cheese to cut down the intake a tad.