Mighty Fine Burgers

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Austin, Texas

“…its a Rudy’s kina place :(”
Likes it

Well after all the hype jess91872 headed out there last weekend.
The place was PACKEDĀ  for 11 on a Saturday. Much like Rudy’s you wait in line, and order at a counter, behind which there are some thousand odd people cooking, assembling, and shoveling burgers at folks. This includes hand making shakes and the most notable station behind the counter was the “burger toasting machine” that toasts and butters the bun in one step.
They write your name on a bag, then call your name when the order is ready. EVERY DAMN TIMEĀ  they yell ” YOUR MIGHTY FINE BURGER IS READY!”
The burger was good, but over rated if you ask me. There are numerous burger joints here in town, and I visit the local ones that are just awesome. Top Notch, Hill Berts, PTerry’s, Huts and others.
Noteworthy items:
Jess had his shake stolen off the counter and they had to re-make it. I wanted to go find the clown that took it, since his name was written in marker on the cup – he would not let me.
Cool hand washer in-front of the bathrooms.
Best thing in the building, windows into the Men’s Room. From the dining room, there are three plate glass mirrors (one-way windows). When you go inside the Crapper, you can look at on the dining room. Strange…