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Austin, Texas

“well it was new when I went”
Doesn’t like it

So I did go like the first month it was open, one would think that they would have the kinks worked out by then. Boy was I wrong.I should just input verbatim what I said about Marie Callenders, because this place is American and over priced. I was there on a Sunday at noon, the hostess did not offer us a Breakfast menu, only the lunch/dinner. Well offer is really not the right statement, we walked in, she walked off holding menus so we followed.They were out of Chicken Pot Pie (their signature item) and it would take 45 min to cook more. We passed and ordered other items…and after 40 min waiting for what we ordered, we complained. Should have waited for the Pot Pie…which they actually brought us.Service was horrid, even though there were like 8 managers there. We even asked one manager about the breakfast. “We don’t really publish it after 11am but we do it all day” – how do you sell something you don’t tell anyone you have?He explained that he was not sure every cook could make breakfast, but if we wanted ‘next’ time he would personally make it.If you hire cooks that can’t make some scrambled eggs and fry some bacon – you got bigger problems than no one knowing you don’t service breakfast.WTF?Pass on this place.