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Austin, Texas

“New Vegas Style Sunset”
Likes it

So I finally went back since the rebuild and WOW. It is much different. This place used to be a shack on the side of a hill, now it is more like France meets Spain meets Vegas in Austin.
Where do I start?
First, the food seems better, and by the looks of the place the built the kitchen maybe 4 times as big.
Rock, rock and more rock. The place is mostly steel and rock now. There are a few lower decks that are wooden, and some of the highest decks have wooden floors, but steel, tin and rock are everywhere.
The sunset’s are the same, but the vibe is different. Back to the Vegas influence. So you have Joe’s Bar, Longhorn, and a variety of other names for each little bar. Each of which look like something that you would see in the food court in Vegas. One bar has Betty Boop by the door and chrome tables and chairs. The Lodge has wicker and leather chairs (what a fashion fopaux) and looks like what you would see in Jackson Hole, Wy.
The old stage is still there on the north side of the building and if you look down you can see where they chopped off the old deck that was burned.
The entrance is much different. You used to walk into a set of rickety doors and there was a crappy little gift shop to your left. This is no longer. The outside garden is replaced with mostly Handi-capable sloping walkways, with all the greenery encased in stone flower beads. No more old cedar fence, or the back entrance to the restrooms, and when you walk in there is the Grand Staircase leading upstairs.
Also the restrooms, from what I remember were somewhat of a lean-to on the building, or made out of a broom closet. These have been improved greatly, but I miss the fan in the wall that buzzed.
To each their own, but it is not what it used to be, kinda like taking the Broken Spoke, burning it down, and replacing it with Graham’s Central Station.
Your mileage may vary.