Opal Divine’s – Marina (North Austin)

Opal Divine's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I got in the boat and headed for a late dinner. It was awkward since they had no docks to park my boat at because this place is no where near a lake, river, ocean, or even pond for that matter. I never really understood why they called this joint a Marina, maybe because Captian Jack’s or Poopy’s Poop Deck was what it was called before Opal floated in. Who knows.

I met a friend there to just grab some food before heading home. At first we thought they sat us in a section that was closed. Not because there was no salt or pepper, sugar, or anything on the table, but because we sat there 10 min before a waiter showed up. And we were between the kitchen and patio door, literately in the walk path, so they saw us.

When the waiter finally came from outside, of course we were ready to order. I got what they simply call Nacho. I know what you’re thinking: just a single Nacho, that better be one big honking nacho. Well no, it is a Patty Melt. What? Yes a Patty Melt, with jalapenos and chili con queso. I cut the jap’s and left the queso.

It was good enough, but needed more queso, like enough to dip the fries in, since it was marginal at best.

At least you can still take your dog there (on the patio)…and I guess if you had a cat on a leash, or bunny, ferret, gerbil or some other rodent that could be leashed, they would be ok with that too.