Rocco’s Grill

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Lakeway, Texas

“Good food, weird scene”
Likes it

I was out there and as you would guess, I ate at the bar. Now mind you it was Sunday night, after a full moon mid-week, but I would classify this place and weird no matter what the moon is doing.
There was a couple at the bar giving Dr. Phil advice, who met on and had been together less than a year.
It is a singles scene, but for the older crowd. In fact, if you think Cool River is a Cougar Paradise, this place is a wildlife refuge for Cougars, Gold Diggers and the likes.
As for the food, it was GREAT. The lasagna was awesome, even if it needed a little more meat. The chicken and goat cheese pasta dish was good as well.
The bar was nice. Had a cool “fat man belly” curve to it and there were bunches of cocktail tables. The bartender was awesome, even poking fun at some of the folks and a fight that broke out last week between two old guys over “I saw her first”.
I hear this place is bumping on Wednesday and Thursday’s, but that was from an older friend who hits it up for the older chicks.
So to each their own.