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1431 Cafe

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Well I not been to 1431 Cafe in quite some time. I am not sure why as it is just up the toll way and easy to get to. They serve breakfast all day for thar that want it and everything else is just straight up American.

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Pluckers Lakeline

Pluckers Wing Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Pluckers Lakeline
Austin, Texas

“Patty Melt tossed in Ranch Seasoning”
Likes it

Very good place to get work done. The speed is acceptable and the music is usually quite enough to make phone calls if needed.

Wirelss SSID: Pluckers-Guest
Secure: No
Outlets: Under the bar on each end and at the tables in the bar
Medium (Quite unless they crank the music, or games are on)
Speed: Medium
Overall Workability Rating: 3 (1-5)