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Habanero Mexican Cafe

Habanero Mexican Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Habanero’s is only known by the true connoisseurs of Tacos in Austin. They claim to smoke their meats over Pecan Wood, even though that is not what really hits your at first. It is the mere fact that the food and meats are just so flavorful.

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CLOSED: Carrows

Carrows Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Carrows
Austin, Texas

Doesn’t like it

Ok, so not often do I try to make a splash with a title, but seriously this place sucks.
Let’s say you cross a Kettle with a IHOP, put it in the ghetto, invite anyone for a 5 o’clock free crack give away and you got Carrows.
Now, I have been to Carrows in other towns and it is your standard IHOP style breakfast joint…but here in Austin, stay away…unless your looking to buy crack with your waffles.

Dan’s Hamburgers

Dan's Hamburgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Dan’s Hamburgers
Austin, Texas

“Dan’s or Fran’s Choose your side…”
Likes it

Well, if you have lived in Austin long enough you know the story. Dan and Fran broke up. They had like 10 restaurants…and the court said split them.
So you got Fran’s and Dan’s….all are basically the same…unless you had the bumper sticker conveying which you supported.

Onion Creek Grille

Onion Creek Grille - Omni Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Onion Creek Grille
Austin, Texas

“Best lunch pasta bar”
Likes it

I usually visit at lunch. Even though they do not have a bar to eat at, the pasta selection is great. For $12 bucks it is all-you-can-eat Pasta Bar.
First: Pick your ingredients; They have mushrooms, onions, ham, turkey, chicken, pepperoni, shrimp, clams,  and the assortment of veggies for your pasta.
Second:  Pick your Sauces include; Alfredo, Cajun, pesto, marinara, and another that escapes me.
Third: Pick your Pasta; flat noodles, wheat noodles, bow-tie, spiral, spaghetti.
Forth: EAT!

Umi Shushi Bar and Grill

Umi Sushi Bar and Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Umi Sushi Bar and Grill
Austin, Texas

“Excellent Lunch Sushi”
Likes it

Since I am not usually down south for Diner, I can’t speak of the evening crowd, but for lunch this place is always empty, which equates to fast.Good sushi, Toro is excellent (fatty tuna) as are all of the items I have tired over the many trips.They also have Bento Boxes for lunch (fixed lunch with salad, sides, meat).

Catfish Parlour

Catfish Parlour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Catfish Parlour
Austin, Texas

“Best catfish in town”
Likes it

I eat at both locations South and North. The North location is the better of the two.I have never understood why at the South it is called a ‘Big Cat’ and North it is a simple Large Catfish.Anywhoo, they use only the best catfish they can buy and there is never a muddy or skin taste that most folks know.Lunch is awesome and the all you can eat fish or shrip nights are yummy.Hell, it has been here since 183 was a two lane going out of town. It is worth a trip.