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Neighborhood Services – Dallas

Neighborhood Services Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I was in town with family and we wanted to try something small, local, unique and good. All signs pointed to Neighborhood Services. This joint sits in a non-descriptive location on Lovers Lane.

It’s a small location, pretty uppity and snooty….but the food is good. Real good.

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Texas Steak Out

Texas Steak Out Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Yeah, yeah, I haven’t posted in a while. Well live get’s in the way sometimes. So do bills and work and eating. So let me get right to it.

Texas Steak Out, I had eaten before and decided to try again. This time, I did pickup, instead of delivery because I was in a hurry.

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Wildfire – Georgetown

Wildfire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I really can’t count how many times I have been to wildfire. If I were to harbor a guess, it would be in the 1000’s. You might think this is crazy, but almost every day for 4 years…it just adds up. I once set the record for most consecutive days which was 45. Mind you that was Sunday’s also. Anyone else that goes there for the most part never shows up on Sunday as they have families, jobs and other meaningless things to do.

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Jasper's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Jaspers
Austin, Texas

“Best bar at The Domain…”
Doesn’t like it

Went after the fiasco at Jo Dimagio’s. Bartenders were great. I did not eat, but will be back to eat for sure.
Bar was awesome, high end and was busy even late in the evening.

Wildfire – Georgetown

Wildfire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Wildfire
Georgetown, Texas

“Great bar!”
Likes it

I have been eating at the bar here for years. All in all the food has gone up and down, but it remains a good place that is not corporate, and serves good steaks.
The bar is the best part of the restaurant, since it is just inviting.
Good non-corporate restaurant!


Gumbo's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Gumbo’s
Round Rock, Texas

“Good steaks and Deserts!”
Likes it

Gumbo’s has weathered many storms, buy out’s, sell out’s, new owners, managers, old owners, managers, and it still stands on it’s own. The steaks are good, the Cajun entree’s are better. Leave room for the Desert, the Bread Pudding is to die for.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
Austin, Texas

“Bad Ass Spicy Tuna Rolls”
Likes it

I think that Kobe has some of the best Spicy Tuna Rolls in town. Mainly because they roll them in the tempura crunch – which must have ‘crack’ in it – because it is so good. I usually eat at the bar (this is my theme) but if you eat at one of the grills, I suggest the Chateau Bruene. Their meat is good, but since it is a Japanese Steakhouse, they really don’t cook the steaks like us Texans, but to each their own.


Reata Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Reata
Fort Worth, Texas

“Fillet was Flavorless, tastless. ”
Doesn’t like it

I was told this was an excellent place to eat. If I had only known the Chop House was a block away….I will say the Bar on the roof-top was very nice.The food was another story. They have the assortment of menu items that most high end Steakhouses have, like the wedge salad, but do not be fooled.They get their meat primarily from a personally owned ranch with Hereford Cattle which is not know for being excellent meat, but the idea must sell.That being said, the Fillet was flavorless. It was cooked to order as I wished (rare), but there was no flavor. My No flavor I mean ZERO.Tasteless meat.If you want to go eat a steak, try the Chop House, or get in the car, drive down 6th street – west until it merges into 7th St, and go to the 3100 block of 7th. You will find Eddie V’s who has some of the best steaks in the State of Texas, if not the Planet.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Texas Roadhouse
Kansas City, Kansas

“Not really”
Doesn’t like it

This was my first Texas Roadhouse to eat at, and it was just corporate food.That being said, the peanuts are good, not much else is.

Wildfire – Chicago

Wildfire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Chicago, Illinois

“Wildfire by the same name make for good steaks.”
Likes it

So the last time I was in Chicago I had to stop here, mainly because I am from Austin, and eat all the time at Wildfire in Georgetown.Would it live up to the excellent steaks I know and love?It did, in every aspect. The Fillet was great. Cooked as expected and the flavor was wonderful.They did everything right, even down to the logo cocktail napkins, which my local Wildfire does not do.

The Belmont

The Belmont
Austin, Texas

“Retro Rat Pack Style”
Likes it

Good steaks, not the best in town, but great for a flash from the past so you can act like Frank, Dean or Sammy.Bar is great!

CLOSED: Reed’s Jazz & Supper Club

Reed's Jazz & Supper Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Reed’s Jazz & Supper Club
Austin, Texas

“Closed as of 12/20/2007”
Doesn’t like it

Was a good place for the Bone in Ribeye. Reed was always there on Monday’s which was a treat. Bands where always good and the staff always friendly. But it is now closed.

Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Outback Steakhouse
Austin, Texas

“get the joey sirloin”
Doesn’t like it

Ok, it is corporate so it falls of the list of places I like to go. But often I have folks give me Gift certs for this place.Best item on the menu is the Joey sirloin 6oz. It is like 6 bucks (adults pay $2 more, but that never happens) and you get one side.So it is just the right size with a sweet poatatoe and you save the waste of the 4 other oz on the 10oz and the $6 for the other.Drinks are always good!


Truluck's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Truluck’s
Austin, Texas

“why do folks like this place? ”
Doesn’t like it

As Steak and Fish places go this one is sub-par.I have been there 5 times and had steaks that were over priced, over done, and over rated.Can’t speak on the fish, but if it is anything like the steak, I would just drive down to one of the other better steak places either downtown, or up north.

Cool River Cafe

Cool River Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Cool River used to serve USDA Prime and their steaks were very, very good. Now it is Black Angus (not certified Prime) and the steaks are lacking.The nightlife is weak and the crows is aging. The same bands have been there for years and it is getting boring.At least you can still smoke here, even cigars. The Cigar Room is awesome and the staff and management are great to the regulars.Some nights depending on the Band that is playing the crowd can go from Cowboy to seedy to down right thugs, but Monday and Tuesdays are quite since there are no live bands.

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