The League Kitchen and Tavern

The League Kitchen and Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Well it is nice to actually find a place that I can’t say anything bad about. As readers know, that does not happen often. So it is nice to know that there are still a few get the Blueberry Muffin French Toast *and* the Chicken and Biscuit with Jalapeño Truffle Gravy. The Meatloaf is excellent as well. type of places still around.

We headed out on a Sunday, hoping to find some American fare, possibly a nice brunch or something. Strangely enough when we turned in, I had just said – when driving by yesterday – “Let’s go try that place, looks like it might be American.” I have to say…my dreams came true.

We picked the place because and gave it high reviews. 90+% is not bad, especially in a sea of mediocre places that compare to a grade school cafeteria.

When you walk in you are greeted with a wall with a huge photo from the 20’s of some cook cats. Above them in Neon is;, of course you know we had to proceed left.

The bar is a nice, long, L-shape, with just enough seats (unless it gets busy, which I hear it does weeknights). The LCD’s do not even detract from the decor, which is 1920’s meets 1970. Overall, the place has a dark look, even with the wall of windows…much like a Speakeasy style decor.

We sit down and are greeted by Lindsey, who was awesome in explaining everything on the menu, and she could not say anything bad about any item on the menu, and overall just loved working there. You could tell that both she and the owners take pride in good people, good food and keeping the place clean and in very good order. They take pride, and it shows.

So we had the brunch. It is a two-part buffet:
(1) They have a buffet style, with the standard fare, fruit, and breakfast nom’s. They do however add the League flair to a simple buffet with Egg Casserole, Mac & Cheese (not the truffle one as on the regular menu), Meatloaf (with chipotle ketchup), Parmesan Cheese Hash Browns, Pork Loin (with habanero mango sauce).
(2) Order off the menu for; Blueberry Muffin French Toast, Chicken and Eggs Benedict…stuff I forgot now because I am in such a food happy comma.

You can order as much as you want of the #2 off the menu and they have no problem with that since the portions are small (which is a good thing). I had two of the Blueberry Muffin French Toast.

I’m really happy to say that everything was awesome! We will be back and it is now at the top of the list for Lakeway eats. It is in the same complex as Santa Catarina which now is on the #2 spot for Lakeway eats!

Hopefully, the next time we come back we’ll catch Lindsey as the bartender, she was awesome and suggested all of the things we tried. Maybe we’ll see one of the desserts – which we shared the recipe with her during our visit – on the menu. However, I somehow doubt that our simple desserts are even in their league. Here’s to hoping.