Your Mom’s Burger Bar

Your Mom's Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Not often do I take the time to hash out a review from my phone, this is one reason I don’t tweet, I have far more to say. Not the point, point is Mom’s. It has gone way down hill.

20120712-125127.jpgI know it was never quick, he’ll it was horribly slow, but now it is even worse. We waited 13min standing at the counter while they guy cooked. His ‘one minute’ turned into 13, to just order. There are only 11 people here, and 8 of them have food.

We finally order and sit down at the side stools since the inside is cooler than being outside.

The place is a f’ing mess. There is no silverware out, nothing has been wiped down, and the whole is filthy.

There is no sugar or sweeteners anywhere, and half the tea dispenser does not work. I noticed sugar, but no artificial sweetener after I took the photo. So there it is.

20120712-125206.jpgI have been listen to others order and they don’t do 2 or 3 of the burgers on the menu. Not that it would be hard to reprint those, since there are only 3 of them.

It has really gone to hell, I am surprised they can even pass their inspection!

40 minutes later still waiting on two burgers, so really can’t review the food yet.

So I felt the need to actually type more on a real keyboard, since it was so bad.
After 56 minutes the food finally came. You would think that after such a long time, I had prepared my self for disappointment, but it is hard to set a bar as low as they achieve.

I remember the first week they were open, I went there. It tool a while, just over an hour to get food, but there was a reason. They hand made everything you ordered. You could mix and match the ingredients that they put inside the burger on the fly. No questions asked. Now it comes like the menu states (only it does not come as well).

You can see that my “Willie Nelson” looks horrible. The patty use to be large and in charge, now it is a shadow of it’s former self. Much like a crack addict after a lifetime of abuse. Busted.

At least it had cheese in it, which was not all that tasty. The meat tasted far from fresh, as the might have made the patty last Monday. Overall just disgusting.

They describe this on the menu as “1/2 lb burger stuffed with american cheese, tossed in honey BBQ sauce, wrapped in bacon, topped off w/a fried OH!!!! ring, B.B. King Sauce on texas toast.” Where do I start, I mean they don’t capitalize Texas or American, but B.B. King. Never-mind, jut on the food.  It was not wrapped in bacon, unless you define wrapped as 3 tough stringy pieces that looked and tasted if they had been cooked in March. The meet patty was small, smaller than you would figure, but they said 1/2 pound, I didn’t have my scale handy.

The fries were were soggy and just so so.

So skip this place and I would suggest not even going to the new location (if they have it open yet) as this one just continues to swirl the bowl.

I left the photo of the ATM that is broken just for you to oogle at.